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Profile setup 

As a new user in eCat, you are required to complete your User Profile. This includes adding your first name, last name, and an on-campus phone number. This information will be sent to the vendor and ensures your deliveries will reach the appropriate location. Please visit Training for "how to" documentation.

Delivery location setup

All shipments are required to have a complete “ship to” and “bill to” address. The “bill to” address is always Accounts Payable. Your “ship to” address consists of your office address and a designated receiving area. These addresses are only required to be entered once. The “ship to” address is very important as it will ensure that you receive your order. DLCs often have multiple “ship to” addresses. To confirm your department’s “ship to” address, visit A Roadmap to Address Relief. Please visit Training for "how to" documentation.

Vendor Selection

The eCat site is organized by vendor (supplier) category. If you are unable to locate the category or vendor you are looking for, please visit Supplier Search for additional vendors. For a list of buyers, specialties and contact information, visit the Procurement page.

The most commonly used categories are provided below for your convenience.

SAP Interface

After completing an order in eCat, the system will direct you to the SAP “Create Requisition” web page. You will be required to enter in a 7 digit cost object number, a g/l (general ledger) number and a material group number. These accounting codes ensure that your purchase is charged to the correct account and is properly recorded for financial reporting. Once the required information is entered, the system will route your requisition for approval. Please note: Changing these accounting codes is not allowed until after the payment has been posted to your cost object.

Canceling eCat Orders

Canceling an eCat order is a two-step process. First, call the vendor to cancel the order. Once this is completed, cancel the purchase order number from the Purchase Order Close page in Atlas.

  • Lab & Research
  • Office Supply
  • Computers & Peripherals
  • Electronics
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Furniture
  • Digital & Offset Printing
  • Shipping